Olivia & Eddie Vedder, Glen Hansard, Cat Power – Flag Day: Original Soundtrack – VINYL LP


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Seattle Surf and Republic Records have released the soundtrack for Sean Penn’s new movie Flag Day. The soundtrack features eight tracks written by Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard, including two songs performed by Vedder’s daughter Olivia. In addition, there are three new songs from Cat Power. Plus, Power covers KK’s “I Think of Angels,” and Eddie Vedder plays R.E.M.’s “Drive.”


A1 Olivia Vedder – My Father’s Daughter
A2 Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard – Flag Day
A3 Cat Power – I Think Of Angels
A4 Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder – Tender Mercies
A5 Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard – Rather Be Home
A6 Cat Power – I Am A Map
A7 Glen Hansard – As You Did Before
B1 Olivia Vedder, Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard – There’s A Girl
B2 Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard – I’ll Be Waiting
B3 Cat Power – I Will Follow
B4 Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder – Wave
B5 Eddie Vedder – Drive
B6 Cat Power – Dream

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