Ofo Am – Tales From Outerspace : An Octoman’s Odyssey – VINYL LP


Release: 2018

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There are sleeping beasts, monsters that were thought to have disappeared, who are at their wake, more savage than before. Hidden in the shadows, ÖfÖ AM has furbished its tentacles, sharpened its aerial and indomitable stoner. Since their beginning in 2009, the band has released an Ep, an Album and 2 splits (including one with Karma To Burn) and has played all accross Europe. “Rock is big, music is huge”
Like Madeleine de Proust, ÖfÖ-AM revives these intense emotions that only instrumental music can provoke. Who hasn’t mimicked the intro of “Higway to hell”, the “Highway Star”’s solo, the Riff of “Kashmir” … Was your blood not chilled while the imperial march illustrated its imposing heaviness in Darth Vador’s opening scene?
In “Tales from outerspace: an Octaman’s odyssey.” ÖfÖ AM invites you to travel in an imaginary film: Octaman, a sprawling hero of modern times who will cross deserts and tribal landscapes and get lost in the narrow and stinking streets of intergalactic megacities, he will settle his accounts in spaceships and save his species from extinction in epic battles ….
ÖfÖ Am is back and it’s going to rock!

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