Octopoulpe – Man Won – VINYL LP


Release: 2017

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JP is Octopoulpe.
Octopoulpe played drums, guitar, bass and did some vocals.
He’s alone on stage, on a screen we can see all his friends singing.
His music is an amazing mix between Punk-Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Thrash and Grind.

Drums and vocals recorded by Hakju Chun at Mushroom Recording studios (South Korea).
Guitars recorded by Jeff Moses at Thunderhorse studios (South Korea).
Mixed and mastered by Benoît Courribet at Cylens mastering (France).

Fantastic guitar solo by Kim Yeongjun on « Riding my dragon ».

Main vocals :
Tim (Yuppie Killer) on « Bald Pride ».
Jina & Goyang (Billy Carter) on « We’re gonna eat your brain ».
Dr Paeng (Crawler / Arryam) on « Where’s my tooth? ».
Jule Mattana on « Burn a match ».
Dick (Illegal Corpse) on « Riding my dragon ».
Sunwoon & Mathew (MyManMike) on « Don’t throw your shit at your friends ».
Cécile (Uhl) on « On the bridge ».
Jaehyun (The Kitsches) on « Fashion punk ».

Extra vocals :
Boris, Dédos & Nico on « Don’t cut your zouzou ».
Aurélie, Boris, Crabe, Dédos, Fanny, Gaetan, Gigant, Hugo, Jule, Mathew, Mélach, Mignon, Nico, Pavel, Poloche, Punkie, Quentin, Romu & Sunwoon on « Gugus ».

Tracklist :
Bald pride
Don’t cut your zouzou
We’re gonna eat your brain
Step back or sink
Where’s my tooth
Think about the rainy day
Burn a match
A big great wall of noise
Riding my dragon
Don’t throw your shit at your friends
Hidden in the backpack
On the bridge
Fashion punk

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