Nekroptikon – When the Plague Breaks Out – MCD


Label : Via Nocturna – Ref label : NOX061CD – Année : 2017 – EAN13 : 5905279281509 – Style :  Black/Death/Grind

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Yog Sottoh makes telluric noise for Nekroptikon.
Observing the world inspires him to draw the gall that produced his very specific sound.

From the subterranean depths, he rises to help Yog Sottoh. Perraver Invocator releives his hate through bilious vocals.

From Nekrptikon appear two concepts. First one, a sound only made and sculpted from ultra cheap hardware. Second one, a real stage performance made of visual effects entirely directed on the characters, dark and disguised figures…

The production of this purulent draft is the work of a certain Bruno Varea. Real cantor of darkest sounds, he’ll remain as partner in future production projects.

The project’s visual identity is an artwork created by a sepulchral non human being named Jaxa.

This Ep will soon be followed with a second chapter that will complete the title : When the plague breaks out …

Tracklisting :

01. Grind the Black Stone
02. Accomplish the Sign
03. Faith and Betrayal
04. Oderint, dum metuant

Total: 20:19

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