Nebula -Transmission From Mothership Earth – VINYL LP


Tri colored vinyl : red, black; blue
EAN : 0665878208585

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Desert Psychedelic Fuzzsters Nebula are back with an incredible new album!! 8 tracks of pure Fuzzness recorded by bass player Tom Davies and produced together with the mastermind Eddie Glass in the Mojave desert ! It’s the classic Nebula sound: walls of guitars, riffs that come from outer space, melodic vocals matched with desert grooves…you couldn’t ask for more.
The band spent the last 6 months in the studio alone recording and mixing this new Psychedelic Stoner Rock gem! Amazing artwork made by Robin Gnista. TRANSMISSION FROM MOTHERSHIP EARTH is coming out on Heavy Psych Sounds Records July 22nd as the official soundtrack of your summer!

Tracklist :

A1 Highwired 4:08
A2 Transmission From The Mothership 4:08
A3 Wilted Flowers 5:19
A4 Melt Your Head 3:55
B1 Warzone Speedwülf 7:18
B2 I Got So High 4:47
B3 Existential Blues 5:21
B4 The Four Horseman 3:13

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