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»You Will Never Be One Of Us« says it all, really. The album title for NAILS’ third full-length (and first for Nuclear Blast) is directly pointed at bandwagoners and sycophants, two types of people frontman Todd Jones has very little patience for. “»You Will Never Be One Of Us« is a title about people who try to latch onto something you’ve been doing and dedicated yourself to and making a mockery out of it. For every person who has dedicated themselves to punk or metal, there’s five people who’ll attach themselves to the same thing with 1/10th of the dedication you have and they truly don’t belong and if these leeches had any self-awareness, they would know that they didn’t belong. These people aren’t interested in growing and learning, but to using something for themselves in a disingenuous way. That’s something that can be spotted 1,000 miles away.”

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Black/Death/Grind, Post-Rock/Post-HxC, Punk/Hardcore

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