Mudhoney – Piece Of Cake – VINYL LP


8718469536603 / Release:1992 Repress:2014

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By 1992, Grunge was becoming Rock’s new Flavor of the Month, and Mudhoney, being the naturally contrary types that they were, seemed to be getting a bit bored with it. Besides, after several years of roadwork, the band had gained enough speed and precision to allow the Garage Rock and old-school Punk flavors to rise to the surface of their sound.

Recorded and released in 1992, their third album Piece Of Cake was the band’s major-label debut. Songs like “No End In Sight” and “Suck You Dry” make it clear these guys were always a Punk band at heart, and if you’re looking for heaviness, “Ritzville” and “I’m Spun” will convince you they hadn’t forgotten how to drop that D tuning. Conrad Uno’s production is as no-frills as ever, and the short bursts of goofy noise and techno parodies that punctuate the album make it clear Mudhoney were taking themselves (and their career) no more seriously than they ever had.

Several songs on the album such as “Suck You Dry”, “Blinding Sun”, and “Acetone” are still consistently featured in Mudhoney’s live setlist.

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