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In early 1975, Lemmy Kilmister was fired from his band “Hawkwind”. He decided to take his revenge on his former band mates and start a new band, originally called “Bastards”. “Hawkwinds” manager, Doug Smith, advised Lemmy to change the name. The last song Lemmy ever wrote for “Hawkwind” was called “Motorhead”. The rest is history…

18 years later, Motorhead (Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell, Wurzel Burston, and Mikkey Dee) with the help of hot-shot producer Howard Benson, created a masterpiece, an incredible collection of songs known as “Bastards”. It’s amazing how Motorhead can just walk into a room with nothing, and hammer out some serious metal in record time. Every single song is strong. Heavy, solid, mammoth riffs, chilling solos, ground shaking drums and signature vocals. Personal favorite songs include “Death or Glory”, “Bad Woman”, “Born to raise hell”. In fact…there all just too good!
“Don’t let daddy kiss me” is a very eerie, dark ballad about child abuse. It was originally written by Lemmy for Lita Ford, but he ended up recording it himself.
“Devils” is legendary. The last couple of minutes on that song are phenomenal, and the way it finishes off the album it just right. In fact, most of the songs on the “Bastards” album are air-guitar anthems. Heavy metal at its best.

The album is great, but the problem was, back then, you couldn’t find it anywhere! It was released on German Label ZYX, so you could find it only in Germany. Everywhere else it was terrible. It took a long while before the rest of the world was aware of Motorheads new record. “Bastards” is one of the best albums Motorhead has ever released, and it just vanished completely!

Motorhead is more than just fast, filthy, heavy metal. Its an attitude. “Bastards” really shows Lemmys bad-ass , hard-ass attitude. Backed up by amazing musicians, he has released a legendary air guitar anthem record that never received the attention it deserves.

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