Momentum – Herbivore – VINYL LP


Label : Halo Of Flies – Ref Label : HALO53 – Style : Doom/Sludge/Drone – Année : 2013 – EAN13 : no

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ÒIt comes as no surprise when a hardcore and/or punk-rock band delve into political territory, especially when so much of the early scene was based around a movement expressing a disdain for politics and the like. Even to this day, much hasnÕt changed within the scene Ð bands continue to express themselves musically with strong views and emotions that convey a message Ð in hopes of opening eyes and minds to the troubles of the world. Momentum, a side-project featuring members of Plague Mass, Light Bearer and XZieglerX Ð who play heavy, epic and melodically driven DIY hardcore-punk, which is both crushing and uplifting Ð showcase not only their passion for playing fast, politically-charged music, but deliver a strong message that hits just as hard as the music. Unlike their previous album Whetting OccamÕs Razor (highly recommended) Ð in which they were influenced by the words of Carl Sagan and other luminary thinkers Ð on Herbivore, the bandÕs second and final album, they shift their focus on animal rights, veganism, and the tragedies of the meat and dairy industry, which is beautifully orchestrated throughout eight tracks of pissed off and melodic hardcore. Like any trademark staple of a hardcore/punk album, Herbivore blasts through each track with relentless pace, offering no breaks or breathers, and as the album title gently hints at, HerbivoreÕs general theme is that of veganism, and animal rights. With each member sharing a strong belief in these areas, they present their ideals without restraint, and the overall approach of the album Ð the sound, lyrics and presentation Ð is aggressive.Ó Ð tHE mONOLITH


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