Mombu / Mosca Violenta – Hunting Demons – VINYL LP


Label : Head Records – Ref Label : HR 036 – Style : Noise/Math-Rock – Année : 2015

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ENG : Mosca Violenta & Mombu present Hunting Demons.
Recorded and Mixed at La Mouche by Muc Luto in november 2013
Mastered by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studio in June 2014.

All tracks composed by Mombu and Mosca Violenta.

A few years ago we met the Mombu Guys during a tour in Italy. Back to France we proposed them to record some tracks all together : two saxes, two drums, one bass.
We finally dit it in Low Normandy between the 11 and 14 of November 2013 and we never ate as much olive oil as during this four days.
Thank you again, guys, for everything and your excellente cuisine.

FR : Les italiens de Mombu et les Caennais de Mosca Violenta ont partagé une date en tournée. De cette encontre est née l’envie de faire un disque collaboratif : deux saxophones, deux batteries, une basse, pour un résultat totalement instrumental qui racle, qui s’énerve, qui va chercher dans le noise rock et le jazz, le jazz, qui fouille dans les racines de la musique jusqu’à la trance africaine et la bestialité primaire d’un
désenvoutement : Hunting Demons.

Credits :
releases October 24, 2015

Luca T. Mai : Baritone Saxophone
Antonio Zitarelli : Drums, Percussions
Samuel Frin : Alto and Baritone Saxophones, first half of keyboard
Pierre Lebouteiller : Drums
Muc Luto : Bass, second half of keyboard

“You’re a genius, maybe” composed by Samuel Frin.
“Trnka” composed by Muc Luto.
“Laamb” composed by Antonio Zitarelli.
“Tuchulcha” composed by Luca T. Mai.

Release of 500 LP pressed by MPO.

Hunting Demons by Mombu / Mosca Violenta

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