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Over the last decade-plus, Mogwai’s album-length scores and soundtracks have threatened to overshadow their official studio releases. The former—particularly Mogwai’s haunting contributions to both the BBC documentary “Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise” and the spooky French television drama “Les Revenants”—have managed to distill the Scottish band’s brute sonic force with surprising subtlety and grace. Increasingly, writing music as part of a collaborative project seems to suit these guys: Freed from the pressure to make big stand-alone album statements, Mogwai are able to relax and let over 20 years of post-rocking naturally guide their hand in the studio.

With the exception of 2011’s excellent, exploratory Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will, Mogwai’s proper albums of late have lacked this deftness of touch. Spinning from the loud-quite-loud dirges of their early days to krautrock histrionics and brittle, analog electronics—missing the mark nearly as often as they hit it—the band has struggled to find a steady path forward. On Every Country’s Sun, their ninth LP, Mogwai find their center of gravity. Finally, these Glaswegians are having fun again, loosening up and dirtying up, but with purpose and fire.

You wouldn’t know this from the record’s lead singles. “Coolverine” and the rare vocal track “Party in the Dark” reprise many of the same themes from Mogwai’s recent records: chilly, midtempo electronics and New Order art-rock, respectively. “Party in the Dark,” however, is a raging success—an indie pop gem that fulfills the promise of the similarly shoegazey “Teenage Exorcists,” from the 2014 EP Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. Guitarist Stuart Braithwaite’s vocals have never sounded more nakedly melodic.

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