Mike Patton – 1922 – VINYL LP


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If Patton’s goal is to become the next John Carpenter, there is no doubt that he will achieve great heights in film scoring. Here, his work is suitably chilling, perfectly intense, and always crafted with an artistry that gives the sounds emotional depth even when standing on their own. Resonating beyond the grave, chilling the spines of the living, the 1922 Soundtrack is a magnificent testament to the exceptional artistic talents of Mike Patton. For these reasons, CrypticRock give the 1922 Soundtrack 4.5 of 5 stars.


Tracklist :

A1 No Grave For Mama
A2 Mea Culpa
A3 Sweetheart Bandits
A4 Death Of A Marriage
A5 Murder Is Work
A6 Omaha 1930
A7 Farewell Note
A8 “Thick As Thieves”
A9 Cornfield-(Vertical)
A10 Mea Culpa 2
B11 Elphis
B12 Magnolia Hotel
B13 We’ll Send Her To Heaven
B14 “I’d Come To Hate Her”
B25 Cornfield-(Horizontal)
B16 “Secrets Only A Dead Woman Could Know”
B17 Dead Woman’s Secrets
B18 Problem Wife
B19 The Deed Is Done
B20 The Conniving Man
B21 Sweetheart Bandits 2: “We’ll All Get Caught”

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