Man Or Astro Man – Analog Series Vol. 1 (colored : red transp) – 7 inch


Label : Chunket – Ref Label : CHK7002 – Style : Noise/Math-Rock – Année : 2012 – EAN13 :

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MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? return with their first new material in well over a decade. This release jumpstarts a series of singles that will culminate with a full length at the beginning of 2013. As all their recent live shows have proven, Man or Astro-Man? haven’t missed a beat, and the newly recorded material finds the band being as inventive and propulsive as ever. “Defcon 5” and “Anti-Matter Man” will appear in some form on the impending full length, while “Mr. Space” is exclusive to this release. Now put on your space helmet on and strap in. Recorded by STEVE ALBINI.


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7 inch




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