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Repress 2022

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“A ball of string/The embroidered flower/The resting place of the zero hour.” When Daniel Higgs chants these words in “X-Ray the Pharoah”—one of the standout tracks of Lungfish’s fifth album Sound in Time, newly reissued—it’s not hard to imagine he’s grasping at a metaphor for Lungfish itself. Formed in 1987 in Baltimore, the group quickly left its initial, rock-oriented, almost proto-grunge sound and settled into a cosmic groove that redefined what “cosmic groove” could mean. Sure, they dealt in the cyclical structures of krautrock and the hallucinatory poetics of psychedelia. But like their late-’80s/early-’90s brethren on Dischord Records such as Jawbox, Nation of Ulysses, and Fugazi, they also dealt in tightly coiled, post-hardcore animus. That is, until 1996, when Sound in Time saw Lungfish—like a ball of string—starting to to uncoil.


1 Constellations 1:41
2 To Whom You Were Born 4:24
3 Jonah 3:39
4 Solid State 3:59
5 X-Ray The Pharaoh 4:12
6 Signpost 4:57
7 Sphere Of Influence 5:14
8 The Cipher 4:41
9 Panic And Hysteria 5:40
10 Constellations (Part 2) 1:53

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