Les Lullies ‎- 7am / Dog Food – 7 inch


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Slovenly Recordings proudly presents a new four track blast from cheese eating attack monkeys LES LULLIES! The “Don’t Look Twice” EP is a hyperactive freak scene all its own – eyeball rattling punk for the dungeon is what’s happening here, with each song a hit: Short. Fast. Loud. Deadly. And in spite of the lack of a notion of 60s anything in the grooves, our fried French friends still manage to squeeze in an homage to a living legend in “Don Craine” – founder of UK rhythm ‘n’ beat heroes The Downliners Sect, inspiration to Billy Childish, regular Ugly Things Magazine contributor, and Bo Diddley worshipper. This ain’t rocket scienPce, mon frere, it is rock’n’roll, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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