Left Lane Cruiser – Junkyard Speed Ball – VINYL LP


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“Junkyard Speed Ball” brings in the elements of the heavy, heart thumping, trash blues stomp they’re known for, but it also showcases a wider range, with some slower numbers that will make you groove.

Recorded in Detroit by Jim Diamond, Left Lane Cruiser is joined by none other than Revrend James Leg (aka John Wesley Myers) of the Black Diamond Heavies playing keyboard on five songs, with his distinctive style undoubtedly bringing a new color to the duo sound Formed by Freddy J. Evans IV (guitar/vocals) and Brenn “Sausage Paw” Beck (drummer/percussion/vocals), and hailing from Fort Wayne IN, Left Lane Cruiser has been bringing its unique style of high octane punk blues (aka deep blues) to fans all over the world, slowly gaining recognition from the press

: “Assimilates the Mississippi Delta blues laid down by guys like Big Joe Williams and Son House and cultivates it into a country punk ‘n’ blues speedball” (Popmatters).

“Most say it’s a blues band, but they are also a hard rock band with a lot of Southern fried attitude. They are their own category. Call them Industrial Redneck, or Country Trash.” (Atlanta Music Guide).

“Reminds me of live Cramps, RL Burnside, and even old Henry Rollins. If CBGBs was still open that would be the venue I could see Left Lane Cruiser playing” (Blogcritics).

“Traffic in North Mississippi Hill Country-influenced, rough-edged, and, yes, kickass blues rock” (Blender). “The band blends styles that wouldn’t normally be compatible, but when the two musicians come together the result is hard, rusty blues that will get you moving” (Kentucky Kernel).

A1 Lost My Mind
A2 Giving Tree
A3 Circus
A4 Shine
A5 Hip-Hop
A6 24 HR
B1 Weed Vodka
B2 Cracker Barrel
B3 Pig Farm
B4 Represent
B5 Road Again
B6 At The Denny’s

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