Julie Christmas – Ridiculous And Full Of Blood – LP


Released: 12 juin 2024

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Julie Christmas is a force of nature. With a voice that could pull down the heavens and a stage presence that far surpasses her stature, Julie Christmas has a flawless musical back catalogue and an indomitable varied vocal delivery. It is incredible to think 14 years have passed since the incredible debut album, The Bad Wife, but Ridiculous and Full of Blood wastes no time in reminding just how vital an artist Julie Christmas is. This is a perfect post-metal album with lots of flourishes out of the genre that harness that unique voice and perfect delivery.


1. Not Enough 04:03
2. Supernatural 03:35
3. The Ash 04:32
4. Thin Skin 02:56
5. End Of The World 05:42
6. Silver Dollars 05:30
7. Kids 02:48
8. The Lighthouse 05:46
9. Blast 01:59
10. Seven Days 05:20


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