Jello Biafra & The Melvins – Never Breath What You Can’t See – VINYL LP



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At last the long-rumored tag-team assault on God, Justice and the American Way of Life is set to grind your minds and pummel your craniums. The project hatched when the MELVINS approached JELLO expressing their outrage at the phony DEAD KENNEDYS cash-in “reunion” tour and proposed their own tour backing JELLO playing all DEAD KENNEDYS songs. Jello replied that he would rather do new songs. He’s had a whole pile of ’em saved up that he hasn’t had a chance to do anything with; and besides, the best cure for the glut of corny-ass punk retro is to jolt some brains with new music. The surprise is that JELLO wrote heavy songs for the MELVINS, while Buzzo walked in with punkier riffs for JELLO. Part of these fall somewhere between LARD and the BIAFRA/D.O.A. album, while others sound like nothing any of ’em have done before.
Obviously a very important release destined to blow speakers worldwide for years to come. An overflow of songs went to tape so an EP will follow later. The sharp tongue and deadly riffs are everywhere. If you think JELLO has finally mellowed with age – musically or lyrically – or worse yet, “matured as an artist”, think again.

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Post-Rock/Post-HxC, Punk/Hardcore

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