Implore ‎– Alienated Despair (180gr) – VINYL LP


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International grindcore-death-punk force IMPLORE have been around since 2013. They’ve put out two albums, “Depopulation” (2015) and their Century Media debut “Subjugate” (2017), as well as a number of singles and split releases. Just like its members are spread all across Europe, never really settling down anywhere, IMPLORE have literally played hundreds of shows all over the globe, a good number of which they’ve booked themselves – always staying true to the DIY spirit inherent in the underground niches of extreme metal and hardcore punk, which goes hand in hand with their unapologetic political and socio-critical direction.

Armed with a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve IMPLORE again self-produced “Alienated Despair”, this time trying out new means and a more focused approach: “This album was mainly done by us, with the cooperation of Paul Bacher doing some engineering, Markus (Matzinger, ex guitars – now drums) was the main producer and Johannes our sound-guy cooperated a lot in the mix. We worked at Paul’s Deer in the Headlights Studio in Austria, first time outside of Jan Oberg’s Hidden Planet in Berlin where we did all our previous releases. We had a lot of freedom and it gave us time to think and analyze more, we worked to the detail. The outcome is very pure and honest, straight from the practice room into the studio and out to play shows. We do things from the heart, this is the most organic 100% ourselves you can get.”

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Black/Death/Grind, Doom/Sludge/Drone

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