Hexis – XII (clear) – VINYL 10-inch + CD


Release: 2017

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On this new 5 songs ep, Hexis strikes harder, hit faster and takes no prisoner. These guys are not doing a sort of post black metal hipster shit, goddamn no. They are actually the best representation of what black metal has to be in 2017: fierce, relentless, uncompromising, dangerous & wicked. Their style is still firmly rooted in a sort of hardcore urgency, but the atmosphere on this songs is so thick that you’ll somehow find yourself walking in a forest, surrounded by deep fog, unable to see anything, but clearly earing the wolves all around you. This ep is the real deal if you’re searching for pure darkness.

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Weight 350 g

10 inch, CD


Black/Death/Grind, Doom/Sludge/Drone, Post-Rock/Post-HxC, Punk/Hardcore

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