Heirs – Alchera (aqua blue) – VINYL LP



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“Heirs’ debut full-length “Alchera” is a 43 minute movement of oppressive instrumental power, cyclic ritualism and bleak hallucinogenic revelation. Recorded at Head Gap Studios by Neil Thomason in the heat waves of Melbourne in January 2009 and mastered by James Plotkin (Isis, Khanate, Burning Witch), the 6 pieces recorded capture the band’s live volume – a blanket of sound traversing a rolling dynamic landscape.

Drawing influence from Michael Gira and his Swans legacy, the sledgehammer riffs and industrial pummel of Godflesh, and continuing Stegeman’s incense shrouded low-end incantations from his work with doom dealers Whitehorse, combined with Jackson’s reverb-soaked noise, Alchera strips bare the needless excesses of post-rock and heavy metal in favour of something much more concise and affecting. A lurching, drugged-out specter – holding solace in one hand, and vengeance in the other.

From the seething metallic buzz and bluster of the opening track “Plague Asphyx”, through to the crowning low-end droning turbulence of “Russia”, the recording is an archetype for an existence shrouded in confusion, joy, disappointment and addiction.”

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