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Behind the snowy mountains of Northern Norway, under the light of a sinking sun, there is a town called Tromsø, where you will find a stoner/doom band called Heave Blood & Die. A gang of 20 year old boys who’ve created a dark, winterized and raw-sounding album, ready to show it about. A new sound is created with deep and mossy guitars, growls of a troll and screams from a wolf. On their debut album you will find a wide specter of songs. Inspired by groovy 70s rock, super heavy soul rotating riffs and hardcore – they create their own sound of dark, doomy and dirty tunes. The result is far from being a possible hit on the radio, but on the other hand it is one of the heaviest and coolest albums released by a band from above the polar circle.

The band gets their juice from other classic bands like: Neurosis, Sleep, Kyuss and Red Fang.

Heave Blood & Die:

Karl Pedersen – bass/vocal
Mads Ystmark – guitar/vocal
Jonas Helgesen Kuivalainen – guitar/backing Vocal
Kenneth Mortensen – drums
Marie Sofie Langeland Mikkelsen – synth

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