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WHEN GUNS N’ Roses recorded their major-label debut in 1987, after a few years of slogging in L.A. clubs, they titled it Appetite for Destruction. It was a proclamation that they would rail against and knock down anything that stood in their way; it would become a banner adopted by millions who wanted to turn their dead-end street into a freeway. Four years later, when the band is closer to its destination than its members ever had any right to expect, Guns n’ Roses release two follow-up albums: Use Your Illusion I and II. The title is a confession; now that the physical barriers are gone and nothing stands in their way except maybe their own myth, they’ve got to set their sights on something less tangible. “Old at heart,” Axl Rose sings on “Estranged,” from II, “but I’m only twenty-eight.” Like Aerosmith in the classic “Dream On,” they realize that to go on, you’ve got to have faith.

During the fifty-three and a half minutes of Appetite, the guitars antagonized, the drums slammed, and Axl howled about their savage lifestyle, the perils of drugs, the glory of booze, dreaming of Eden, wide-eyed romantic love, their oppressors and sex. Old-fashioned rock & roll stuff, it proved they were hard; it proved they were bad; it proved that metal could rise again; it sold 14 million copies and remained on the charts for three years. During the seventy-five and a half minutes of Use Your Illusion II, the guitars antagonize, though now with more dexterity, varying in tempo and mood; the drums slam, though now at the hands of new band member Matt Sorum; and Axl of course howls, but he also whispers, croons, talk-sings and plays piano like he did back in Indiana, up in his room, idolizing Elton John. In the four years that have passed since Guns n’ Roses first combined opposing symbols and upset the apple cart with willful disregard for rock & roll legend, interest in the band hasn’t waned: 18,000 people will actually wait for them to come out onstage two hours late; the single “You Could Be Mine,” off II and featured in Terminator 2, has sold nearly 2 million copies; and the band’s slightest misstep becomes controversy and turns established magazines and newspapers into veritable Guns n’ Roses fanzines. No wonder they take themselves so seriously. Read more at :

Tracklisting :

A1 Civil War 7:36
A2 14 Years 4:17
A3 Yesterdays 3:13
A4 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 5:36
B1 Get In The Ring 5:29
B2 Shotgun Blues 3:23
B3 Breakdown 6:58
C1 Pretty Tied Up 4:46
C2 Locomotive 8:42
C3 So Fine 4:09
D1 Estranged 9:20
D2 You Could Be Mine 5:48
D3 Don’t Cry (Alt. Lyrics) 4:42
D4 My World 1:22

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