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Godzilla’s/Eatin’ Dust (alternatively titled (Godzilla’s) Eatin’ Dust or simply Eatin’ Dust) is the fifth studio album from stoner rock band Fu Manchu, released on February 19, 1999 on the now defunct Man’s Ruin label. The album combines what were originally two limited 10” releases: “Godzilla” (1997) and “Eatin’ Dust” (1999).

Godzilla’s/Eatin’ Dust was the second album for new members Brant Bjork and Bob Balch, who replaced Ruben Romano and Eddie Glass in 1997. Josh Homme of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age played lead guitar in place of Bob Balch (under the alias of Mike Coopersmith), additional percussion and produced the three-track “Godzilla” session. The rest of the album features the band’s normal lineup.

Several versions of the album have been released in various formats. It was re-issued on Elastic Records in 2004 with different track order and artwork. In 2010, the band’s own At The Dojo Records re-issued the album again, with the same track order and slightly different artwork.

In 2019, the album was again re-issued with four previously-unreleased tracks as Godzilla’s/Eatin’ Dust +4. The added tracks, also from the original “Godzilla” sessions, are early versions of three songs that later appeared on 1997’s The Action Is Go, and a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak” (a different version than that released on the 1998 “Jailbreak” 7”).

“Godzilla” is a Blue Öyster Cult cover.


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