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Black vinyl in a gatefold package.

With »Genexus«, FEAR FACTORY forges a new hyper-alloy of sound, extreme and idea. “We wanted to create a new hybrid,” states guitarist and founding songwriter Dino Cazares. “Something that summed up every aspect of who we are. Musically. Lyrically. You can hear the organic, the technological; the past and the future. It’s the next evolution of FEAR FACTORY.”

»Genexus« is the sound of FEAR FACTORY in-extremis. Co-produced by the band with longtime collaborator Rhys Fulber and mixed by Andy Sneap(TESTAMENT, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, TRIVIUM) , it’s FEAR FACTORY bringing every weapon in its sonic arsenal to bear. From the concrete-breaking staccato riffs that open the record with ‘Autonomous Combat System’ to the soaring melodies of ‘Dielectric’ to the album’s elegiacal closer, ‘Expiration Date,’ »Genexus« is an unforgiving and unforgettable statement from a band that has long pushed the boundaries of extreme music.

“We’ve always had a thirst for technology; whether it be in how we make our records or how we view the world,” says Cazares. “That’s always helped us stay a step ahead and remain relevant. That was the feeling we had when we started the band 25 years ago and that’s how we approach our music now. We’ve never wavered.”

Indeed, the shadow of the Los Angeles-based band has loomed large, coding the blueprint for industrial metal that’s informed the likes of RAMMSTEIN and NINE INCH NAILS. FEAR FACTORY also merged the idea of melodic vocals emerging from death-metal-derived screaming before it became modern metal’s de-riguer. With a history that stretches over seven full-fledged studio albums and two landmark remix EPs, FEAR FACTORY has not merely gone on to sell millions of records but they have also gone on to alter the DNA of mainstream and underground hard rock and metal.

The impact of technology has been hard-wired into FEAR FACTORY’s astringent lyrical zeitgeist since deploying 1992’s genre-shattering debut LP, »Soul Of A New Machine«. Future-Shock thematics and dystopian detritus litter the band’s aural landscapes. Voiced by founding frontman Burton C. Bell, the struggle for humanity becomes FEAR FACTORY’s singular howl in the face of an ever-deepening technological abyss where topics, including cloning, artificial intelligence and various shades of personal and social dehumanization, have turned from science fiction to present-day fact.

“‘Genexus’ is a play on words that describes what is happening whether we like it or not,” says Burton, explaining the title of FEAR FACTORY‘s latest album. “Genesis is the beginning. Nexus is two things connecting. It’s the next stage in human evolution, where humans become more machine-like and machines become more human. We’re approaching what is called ‘The Singularity,’ where that difference will become almost invisible to the naked eye.”

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