Enslaved – Heimdal – VINYL 2LP


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[…] The first thing I noticed while listening to Heimdal is the band continues to use various spacey key elements as they did on Utgard. The difference here is they have a much greater purpose and refrain from becoming an annoying mess, like in Utgard’s “Utgardr” and “Urjotun.” As with all recent Enslaved albums, the progressive passages are intricate and expertly delivered. The variation of approaches on Heimdal also provides a seamless experience while being unique to the song. Finally, the diversity of the clean vocals from song to song is fantastic, not in the sense that it feels like a different vocalist on each track, but in how the vocals are used and the arrangements crafted. […] angrymetalguy.com

A1 Behind The Mirror
A2 Congelia
B1 Forest Dweller
B2 Kingdom
C1 The Eternal Sea
C2 Caravans To The Outer Worlds
D1 Heimdal

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Black/Death/Grind, Metal

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