Emma Ruth Rundle, Jaye Jayle – The Time Between Us – VINYL LP


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The Time Between Us is the title of a new 6-song split EP between Sargent House alum Emma Ruth Rundle (Red Sparowes, Marriages) and the label’s newest addition, Louisville’s Jaye Jayle (featuring Evan Patterson of Young Widows). The EP boasts three previously unreleased tracks from each artist.

Due for release on 24th February, the EP acts as an excellent introduction to Jaye Jayle and a timely reminder of how hauntingly majestic Emma Ruth Rundle’s work is. ‘The Distance’ is trademark ERR, minimalist yet haunting backdrop allows her vocal to excel. As with much of her work it’s the vocal that suckers you in with the atmospheric laidback musical accompaniment making it all a little more chilling. ‘To Fold In England (Hours)’ does the admirable job of sounding like ERR most tortured and fragile piece of work. It aches and pulses in waves of emotion. Finishing off the ERR track is an acoustic version of ‘Hand Of God’, one of the standout tracks from the superb Marked for Death it’s another gem.

In all honesty this was our first exposure to Jaye Jayle, and its impressive stuff. Perhaps the press release sums it up best… Though possessing a distinct Southern filter, Jaye Jayle’s stripped-back noir in fact owes more to Krautrock than the blues, while Evan Patterson’s baritone croon brings to mind Angels of Light-era Michael Gira. Jaye Jayle unsurprisingly count Spacemen 3, Neu!, and Lungfish among their varied influences, while arriving at a sound wholly unusual in the American underground. To make that a more accessible, how about Seasick Steve with a smattering of Kraftwerk? ‘About Time You Came To Me’ throbs and burns with a latent aggression, feeling like it should explode, yet it self-restrains and bubbles against the groove. ‘Unnecessarily’ finds Patterson channelling his inner Iggy Pop over a rhythm made menacing by its sheer unwillingness to break form. Closer ‘Hope Faith County’ is hypnotic and assured. Accomplished and captivating.

Get reacquainted with Emma Ruth Rundle and introduced to Jaye Jayle.

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