downset. – Universal – VINYL LP


Coke Bottle Green Colored Vinyl (limited to 500 copies)
EAN : 4059251528937
Released : 2004
Reissue : 2022

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Monumental progress doesn’t occur overnight. Some of man kind’s most powerful words don’t come from education or privilege, but erupt from the pain and roughness of the streets; they smolder through the cracks in the concrete until eventually grand truths are revealed, and the winds of change slowly emerge. It is with these notions in mind that old school Hardcore Kings DOWNSET began to surface in Los Angeles, California in the early 1980’s. A musical style that was distinctly Hardcore combined with Oropeza’s MC abilities allowed DOWNSET to stand out from other metal acts, while still being able to achieve a variety of tours with some of the most prominent bands of the time. After recently re-releasing the third album “Check Your People” on vinyl on End Hits Records, DOWNSET’s fourth album “Universal” originally from 2004 follows, which will be available on limited color vinyl for the first time ever on End Hits Records.

Tracklist :

01. All Crews
02. Forever
03. Stay In The Game
04. Black Glock
05. Jumpin Off
06. The Rush
07. Hectic
08. Make This Happen
09. What They Want
10. Smiles & Cries
11. Universal

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Metal, Punk/Hardcore



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