Deerhoof – Future Teenage Cave Artists – VINYL LP

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Blood Red Colored Vinyl
EAN : 753936905399
Released : 2020

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“On Future Teenage Cave Artists, Deerhoof fantasize about a future that feels frighteningly real. Populations evacuate their homes for greener pastures. People and animals are murdered senselessly. Survival is a privilege, not an assumption. Amidst this chaos, a new generation of teenagers still discover and make art, experiencing feelings as old as time.

From the first track, the world is fractured, brutal and basically over. Satomi Matsuzaki delivers the album’s opener, also its poppiest gesture, from the perspective of a hopeful, doomed adolescent: “Gonna paint an animal on a cave wall/Gonna leave it there forever while empires fall.” Greg Saunier’s snare-dense drumming is at its least busy, leaving space for listeners to share the teen’s excitement. Rapidly, the album fills up with dissonance and cluttered hooks, evoking a future in which humans are both overstimulated and denied the fulfillment of basic necessities. Matsuzaki’s one-liners are typically incisive (a few favorites: “Try my sci fi!” “Why would you kill my bambis?” “Cowboys were just a corporate invention”) and Saunier sings on a number of the tracks, his breathy, complementary voice never detracting from Matsuzaki’s singular, commanding persona. (…)” –

Tracklist :

A1 Future Teenage Cave Artists
A2 Sympathy for the Baby Boo
A3 The Loved One
A4 O Ye Saddle Babes
A5 New Orphan Asylum for Spirited Deerchildren
A6 Zazeet
B1 Fraction Anthem
B2 “Farewell” Symphony
B3 Reduced Guilt
B4 Damaged Eyes Squinting Into The Beautiful Overhot Sun
B5 I Call on Thee

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Noise/Math-Rock, Rock/Indie/Garage

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