Cursed – III : Architects Of Troubled Sleep (silver) – VINYL LP


Silver Colored Vinyl
Release: 2008 Repress: 2016 / EAN – 0640841637111

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éDespising work, criticizing religion and complaining about politics. These are the topics discussed within Cursed’s aptly titled third album, III. They aren’t exactly finding unclaimed land with these lyrics, but it’s blatantly obvious that singer Chris Colohan means every single word of it. Some hardcore bands make the mistake of thinking louder screaming equals a more pissed off disposition. Offering an antithesis to this unfortunate trend, Cursed songs sound like the angry ravings of a primal madman set to thrashy guitars and pounding drums. To push the intensity even further, Colohan will often go off on random screaming tangents with Sam Kinison-like poise.

The album starts with “Architects of Troubled Sleep,” a sound collage with sound clips played over it. It’s almost standard procedure that the next track burst out with a blaze of glory. “Night Terrors” is no exception to this rule, although it does a very good job of gripping you and not letting go. This still comes as somewhat of a shock and surprise, even though it’s exactly as expected. (…) This album marked some experimentation with sound and production for this Canadian band. It still featured their ferocity and it never let up. I’d be willing to say that this is their best album. Fans of their previous efforts will no doubt be ecstatic to hear the same tenacious aggression they’ve become accustomed to.” –

Tracklist :

A1 Architects Of Troubled Sleep
A2 Night Terrors
A3 Magic Fingers
A4 Antihero Resuscitator
A5 Friends In The Music Business
B1 Into The Hive
B3 Unnecessary Person
B4 Hegel’s Bastards
B5 Dead Air At The Pulpit
B6 Gutters

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Post-Rock/Post-HxC, Punk/Hardcore

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