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Since first collaborating with Profound Lore Records on their landmark 2007 release Eater of Birds, Colorado’s Cobalt have become recognized as one of the most singular contemporary American bands. Their 2009 album, Gin, is a pillar of extreme music, a milestone of progressive apocalyptic wasteland metal that took the scene by storm and landed on every “Best of the Year” list that matters. Nearly seven years since the release of Gin, Cobalt unleashes its long-awaited followup and one of the most anticipated metal releases of 2016. Slow Forever picks up right where its predecessor left off, as multi-instrumentalist / mastermind Erik Wunder returns triumphant after a period of personal turbulence, tragedy and contemplation, and new vocalist Charlie Fell (ex-Lord Mantis) brings a new level of savagery and violence to the group’s sound. An epic double-album clocking in at 86 minutes, Slow Forever is destined to leave its impact on the metal scene as the defining album of 2016.

Tracklist :

1-1 Hunt The Buffalo 8:48
1-2 Animal Law 2:07
1-3 Ruiner 6:32
1-4 Beast Whip 9:13
1-5 King Rust 11:14
1-6 Breath 2:25
1-7 Cold Breaker 6:44
2-1 Elephant Graveyard 7:51
2-2 Final Will 11:16
2-3 Iconoclast 2:30
2-4 Slow Forever 9:35
2-5 Siege 5:38

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Doom/Sludge/Drone, Metal

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