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Trailblazing hardcore band COALESCE will see the vinyl reissue of their classic debut full-length album Give Them Rope on November 22 courtesy of No Sleep Records. Says No Sleep Records owner Chris Hansen: ÒGive Them Rope from COALESCE has been a personal favorite of mine since I first heard it. The record still holds as strong to me as the first time someone showed me it in their car stereo. To be able to release what I believe is a true classic on vinyl is an honor.Ó Says COALESCE frontman Sean Ingram: ÒCOALESCE is very honored to be working with No Sleep Records to give our first full-length record a proper home in vinyl. This record has proved to be a very difficult challenge over the years, and some of us felt it was never quite done. The art wasnÕt correct, that bass line Stacy biffed needed fixing, the mastering was muddy. Whatever anyone has to say about Give Them Rope, the band has their own opinions too. ItÕs true that you never forget your first, and this sentiment is what led [me] to revisit this record around 2002 to fix those past mistakes as it was going into repress again. The results werenÕt bad, but they were too different. ItÕs something that George Lucas could appreciate, but old fans could not totally embrace. Because 2002 is in itself a long time ago, and more new fans actually hear the second version than the first, we are doing what we think is the right way to approach this and No Sleep is including both versions in one gatefold package with the original artwork reworked to include both versions.Ó The specially-priced, double LP will include a digitallyremastered version of the first edition of Give Them Rope (1996), as well as second LP with Give Them Rope She Said v2.0, a remixed version of the album (2002).


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