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“I’ve always avoided studios,” says Cigarettes After Sex frontman Greg Gonzalez. “There’s something special about recording out in the world, some kind of X-factor that comes from the character and atmosphere of wherever it is that you’re working that becomes essential to the feeling of the music.”

That marriage of sound and setting is the heart and soul of ‘Cry’, Cigarettes After Sex’s riveting sophomore album. Recorded in a stunning house on the Spanish island of Mallorca, the collection reflects the uneasy beauty, erotic longing, and stark minimalism of the space, all smooth lines and soft light. Gonzalez let the location guide his writing, penning nearly all of the instrumental work in spontaneous fits of inspiration captured every night between 9pm and 2am in the house’s high-walled, outdoor courtyard. While the music seemed to pour from him all at once, it would be nearly two years before Gonzalez would finally attempt to match those performances with words, and the result is a collection of songs that toy with time as a linear notion, a dreamy meditation on sex and romance that merges past and present into a slow, reverb-soaked swirl.

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