Chelsea Wolfe – Pain Is Beauty – VINYL 2LP


2LP Gatefold
EAN : 0634457601116
Released  : 2013
Repress : 2022

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“Pain is Beauty” is the new studio album from the Los Angeles-based artist and is a self-described love letter to nature. Many of the album’s 12 tracks veer in a decidedly more electronic direction than previous recordings, while at the same time capitalizing on Wolfe’s trademark penchant for the morose and otherworldly. As Wolfe explains: “[The album] becomes an exploration of ancestry, how the mythology, landscapes and traditions of our ancestors affect our personalities today. Honesty is what initially drew me to music, and I’ve been more honest and open with myself than ever through these songs. There is peace in truth. There is clarity in solitude. And there is power within simplicity and focus. Love is not always easy. Tormented love is something I understand more than society’s skewed idea of what love should be. Love is indelible, severe, earnest, merciful. To push forward against the odds is to make history”. – NPR

Tracklist :

A1 Feral Love
A2 We Hit A Wall
A3 House Of Metal
B1 The Warden
B2 Destruction Makes The World Burn Brighter
B3 Sick
C1 Kings
C2 Reins
C3 Ancestors, The Ancients
D1 They’ll Clap When You’re Gone
D2 The Waves Have Come
D3 Lone

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Experimental/Electro, Folk/Blues/Jazz

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