Cafe Flesh – I Dumped My Wife I Killed My Dog – VINYL LP


Label : Head Records – Ref Label : HR007-LP – Style : Noise/Math-Rock – Année : 2009 – EAN13 :

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Their entourage agrees: “Café Flesh? What a bunch of morons!” It’s probably well deserved in a way, because our four boys are definitely not the smartest asses around. But the lucky ones who’ve had the chance to witness their live act also say, unanimously: “Café Flesh?
Fuck, man, they’re so captivating!” Is it due to the natural charisma of their singer, who blows you away with his baritone sax and whose voice directly challenges Tom Waits’?
Is it because they’re overwhelmingly loud and powerful? Or is it simply because of the immense quality of their music? You be the judge.

Their first effort, A Pig On The Dancefloor, which was released in 2005 and endorsed by the mythical Amphetamine Reptile record label, was reminiscent of bands such as The Jesus Lizard, Unsane and Rockets From The Crypt. Everybody noticed. This time, the new record, I Dumped My Wife, I Killed My Dog, is emphatically Blues oriented. From now on, AC/DC, The MC5 and Led Zeppelin are a part of the coercive mix. Will Atlantic Records consent to lend their logo? The only thing we know thus far, is that listeners will shit in their pants with pleasure.

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