Boris – Attention Please – VINYL LP


Label : Sargent House – Ref Label : SH-056 – Style : Stoner/Grunge – Année : 2011 – EAN13 : 63 44 56 542 815

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Speaking objectively, there were better and more elaborate albums that 2011 had to offer. Bolder, though? Not really. Thinking about music in 2011, especially in the ÒindieÓ sense of the word, terms like Òsafe,Ó Òsanitary,Ó ÒsterileÓ come to mind. The threat of a non-accessible, non-commercial and non-saccharine underground being bolstered by do-it-yourself record labels seems more like a memory, the often ear-splitting, alienating and dangerous sounds of the independent music scene notably in absentia. This isnÕt to say that performers and bands of this ilk no longer exist, but itÕs difficult to associate any extreme with the idea of ÒindieÓ music, its sound having slacked and its bands growing formulaic and obtuse. This music is no longer doing its job. To hear Japanese experimental rock trio Boris back away from their usual metallic and distortion-laden exuberance, opting instead to navigate their way through something more closely relatable to pop music, is the type of move that makes you consider what options you have once the supposed bastard stepchild of the music industry turns darling. For Boris, Attention Please is an initially confusing but ballsy interpretation of post-punk or new wave, a glamÕd up push towards a more avant-garde idea of pop music and its potential. While a track like ÔAttention PleaseÕ evokes dance musicÕs repetition and reliance on rhythm, something like ÔHopeÕ defies the indie paradigm, its pose and grace the type of college rock perfection that many groups in the genre could only dream of reproducing. The song refuses to abandon its strength for the sake of sensitivity.


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