Bob Mould ‎– Blue Hearts – VINYL LP


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Released : 2020

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“Just last year, Bob Mould was happy. He named a whole album Sunshine Rock, of all things. Can you imagine? A veteran purveyor of emotions ranging from pissed-off to angsty to deeply tortured was, after all these years, looking on the bright side. Of course, you could already get the sense from interviews that Mould had aged gracefully, finding some modicum of peace and exuding a warmer, more reflective persona than the pricklier reputation expected of him in past decades. And it’s not like he was lost in the clouds at the same time — when I interviewed him last year, he talked about old Hüsker Dü material like “In A Free Land” feeling, sadly, just as relevant in Trump’s America as it was in Reagan’s. He had plenty to say about the precarious state of the world, and maybe you could sense he would soon do that in song.
That brings us to Blue Hearts, arriving a mere 17 months after Sunshine Rock and yet existing on the extreme opposite side of Mould’s songwriting. Bob Mould is angry again. Righteously, volcanically angry. It’s good to have that version of him back” – Ryan Leas –

Tracklist :

A1 Heart On My Sleeve
A2 Next Generation
A3 American Crisis
A4 Fireball
A5 Forecast of Rain
A6 When You Left
A7 Siberian Butterfly
A8 Everyth!ng to You
B1 Racing to the End
B2 Baby Needs a Cookie
B3 Little Pieces
B4 Leather Dreams
B5 Password to My Soul
B6 The Ocean

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