Black Cobra – Imperium Simulacra (silver) – VINYL 2-LP


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0822603936117 / Release:2016

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Listening to ‘Imperium Simulacra’ is like watching an experienced chef at work. His shimmering knives are honed to perfection. First a chunk of flesh is hacked with precision into just the right size. With a sharp blade all the excess fat and gristle are trimmed away in quick strokes until only the lean meat remains. The bloody piece is fried in a hot pan to keep it juicy. Each morsel will be succulent and tasty. The frying guitars, burning rhythms and rugged vocals on each of the nine new songs by BLACK COBRA are about as delicious. Track listing: A1 Challenger Deep A2 Imperium Simulacra B1 Fathoms Below B2 Eye Among The Blind C1 The Messenger C2 Obsolete C3 Dark Shine D1 Sentinel (Infinite Observer) D2 Technical Demise [vinyl bonus track]

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