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Release: 2013

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“Apocalyptic visions and a wicked sense of humor populate audio nightmares
as Beastmilk create visceral, unsettling death rock for the elite”, wrote
Pitchfork of the band whose highly anticipated debut album poignantly
combines haunting clean vocals, darkly shimmering melodies, and a throbbing
rhythmic pulse to create an atmospheric yet energetic journey into post-punk’s
past, present, and definitely its future.

“Elements of a gloomier Joy Division, an angrier Echo & The Bunnymen, a
medicated Killing Joke, and even a lush layering of Peter Murphy” – all this,
and vastly more, describes the immediately memorable 3D darkness of
Beastmilk. Born in 2010 during a nuclear winter in Helsinki, Finland, the
void-mothers of Beastmilk kick out an irradiated dust of what they
appropriately dub “apocalyptic post-punk.” Their debut demo, White Stains
On Black Tape, sold out quickly and earned the attention of Darkthrone’s
Fenriz, who made it one of his favorites of 2010.

In June 2013, they flew out to Boston, USA to record at GodCity Studio with
the legendary Kurt Ballou (Converge), who produced their debut full-length
album, Climax; the members of Converge found Beastmilk online, loved
them, and ordered both their 7″s, with Ballou soon offering to produce their
debut album at his world-famous studio. The result is Climax, an album of
dark, driving anthems that work their magic instantly upon the first notes – fall
in with the fallout and get down with BEASTMILK!

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