Bats – Cruel Sea Scientist – CD


Label : Armed Ambitions – Ref Label : #005 – Style : Noise/Math-Rock – Année : 2007 – EAN13 : 53 97 04 100 713

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Cool obscure Math Rock. More like a concept band and progressive. A mixture of post-punk, hardcore and metal. They toured in UK as support for bands like Sebadoh, The Locust and Gang Gang Dance. Bats is a band that most people on Sputnik are familiar with, but beyond that theyÕre pretty unknown. And thatÕs a damn shame. Cruel Sea Scientist is their debut EP consisting of 5 tracks of balls out aggressive and in your face post-hardcore that you wonÕt soon forget. In comparison to their full-length Red In Tooth & Claw, CSS is heavier, more raw, and even has some psychedelic tendencies at moments. A bulky yet malleable sound that can turn on a hatpin from blistering punk rock to smooth, jazzy post-rock, and from taut, melodic dance rock to brutish mosh metal.


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