Babes In Toyland – Nemesister – VINYL LP


Coloured Vinyl: Purpel coloured vinyl

Limited Edition of 750 individually numbered copies

(Music On Vinyl)


The album was recorded under engineer and producer Tim Mac at AmRep Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Unlike on the group’s previous releases, they opted to record together to capture a “live band” sound; on their previous release, Fontanelle, bassist Maureen Herman had recorded her bass tracks separately from vocalist-guitarist Kat Bjelland and drummer Lori Barbero. The recordings were split into two different sessions. Portions of the album had been written while the band was on tour in Europe. In a March 1995 interview with Barbero, she said the band would likely “be working on the album until Christmas.”


1.”Hello” 4:45
2.”Oh Yeah!” 3:16
3.”Drivin'” 3:17
4.”Sweet ’69” 4:05
5.”Surd” 4:43
6.”22″ 3:15
7.”Ariel” 4:24
8.”Killer on the Road” 4:02
9.”Middle Man” 4:46
10.”Memory” 3:43
11.”S.F.W.” 3:59
12.”All by Myself” 4:37
13.”Deep Song” 2:45
14.”We Are Family” 4:11

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