Asschapel ‎– Total Destruction 1999-2006 (brown) – VINYL 2LP


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The band name that will not die. Something about fusing a church with an anus along with crushing riffs, double-bass and hellish screams burns the name into ones psyche forever. Started by five dudes from the Nashville punk scene in 1999 who over the course of seven years played all over the Western world, leaving in their wake crippled vans with wheels flying off, shattered heels, broken noses, torn out nipple rings, maxed out credit cards, on-stage arguments, collapsed house show ceilings, everyone’s clothes falling off at the show, and more, while impressively avoiding search and arrest from the authorities due to shear body odor coming straight from the dirty south. Members have since moved on to the likes of Pelican, The Swan King, Tijuana Goat Ride, Hans Condor, and others, but this is the legacy which was ASSCHAPEL…Amen…

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