ASG – Blood Drive – VINYL 2-LP


Label : Relapse – Ref Label : LP7199R – Style : Rock/Indie/Garage – Année : 2013 – EAN13 :

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ASG emerge from the sandy shores of North Carolina to deliver their fourth full length and Relapse debut ÔBlood DriveÕ. Sun soaked groove heavy riffs that reference equal parts Torche and Queens of the Stone Age ÔBlood DriveÕ is nothing short of anthemic. ASG have toured the country relentlessly with the likes of Corrosion of Conformity, Weedeater and Black Tusk. But whatÕs most remarkable about ÔBlood DriveÕ is that any of its 12 instantly memorable songs could just as easily be FM radio smash hits. What sets ASG apart from their swampy peers is singer/guitarist Jason ShiÕs voice: this is a set of songs that are truly SUNG by a guy who can actually SING. ÔBlood DriveÕ is a kick ass blast of sun that elevates ASG to the level of some of their most well-regarded Relapse label-mates like Baroness and Mastodon.


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