13th Floor Elevators – The Reunion Concert – VINYL 2LP


Colored Vinyl : Yellow Translucent

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This recording of a reunion concert many years after most people had figured that they would never see the band again, will show you why so many fans hold this particular brand of musical insanity in such high regard.

The 13th floor elevators are one of the classic American psychedelic bands fronted by the eccentric (some would say clinically insane) Rocky Erickson, who has often been as reclusive as he is brilliant.

They fell apart in 1969 after Erickson was committed to a mental hospital for three and a half years after being busted for possession of a single joint.

A1 The Beast 9:54
A2 Splash 1 5:24
B1 Don’t Slander Me 10:22
B2 You’re Gonna Miss Me 4:58
C1 Clear Night For Love 3:49
C2 Don’t Shake Me Lucifer 3:49
C3 Bloody Hammer 8:16
D Two Headed Dog 12:48

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